The Wall


An ongoing series of paintings that are inspired by “Les Nabis” with their bold blocks of colour and symbolism.

My partner and I regularly do the Telegraph General Knowledge Crossword on a Sunday morning. There are always a few answers we don’t know, so we cheat at the end and look them up. One of the questions was about an art movement I hadn’t heard of called Les Nabis. I spent a bit of time doing some research and loved the style, bold blocky colours and their use of symbolism, which always peaks my interest! I decided to try an idea out where half the painting was taken up by a single colour with a dark colour above it, and to place a hidden message in each painting both subtly through symbolism and physically for the viewer!

A carrier pigeon sits on the wall next to the girl. The message it was carrying has fallen out and is caught by a flurry of wind. What was the message…? Are the letters etched in the wall just random graffiti or something else!

A Greater Spotted Woodpecker perches on the wall attracted to a woman with a similar patterned hat. In various cultures the symbology of the Woodpecker brings new opportunities that come knocking into our lives to which we must grasp, to be able to grow and expand. What is the opportunity and are there any clues?

This is an ongoing project to which I will post new paintings as soon as I have finished them.

Please get in touch if you are interested in any of the paintings in this series or anything else you have seen on my website.