Anna-Marie Buss ArtistI was born in Kent; my father was a talented amateur artist with a passion for nature who tragically died when I was seven years old. My love of nature and of art was deeply influenced by him and has remained as his lifelong legacy.

After studying Art and History of Art at college I went on to have a career in graphic design as art director, eventually running my own successful, award winning, creative design agency, an agency renowned for its quirkiness and originality, a quirkiness that is reflected in my own sense of style, both as an artist and as a person.

My artistic influences come particularly from studying the work of Salvador Dali and the Surrealists. I was emotionally drawn to and transfixed by the dreamlike form and the archetypal content of their paintings.

In challenging myself I like to challenge the viewer by employing an unusual juxtaposition of ideas and images that are well-crafted and drawn, images that are ‘real’ in an otherwise unreal world. My love of nature gives rise to the need to remain earthed, both in my life and in the themes and ideas that emerge from my work.

Art is the ever changing constant that informs, interprets and delights my life.